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Vineyard Electrical Service

Maitland, particularly the Hunter Valley, is well known for it’s world-class wineries. These wineries require a large amount of electrical upkeep and we at RJ Electrical aim to deliver. Read on to discover more about our electrical service for vineyards.

One of the vineyards in the Hunter Valley that we do electrical work for is Kelman Vineyard. We do all the lighting, electrical, lightning arrestors, dam pumps, outdoor street lighting and other work around the property.

Solutions designed for vineyards

Here at RJ Electrical, we provide services that aim to provide quality, efficiency and safety to wineries in the Maitland region. These services include:

  • Smoke detector installation/inspection
  • Switchboard upgrades and maintenance
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Rewiring
  • Circuit board labelling
  • LED lighting installation
  • Emergency lighting installation

We’ll be there

The wineries in Maitland produce some of the highest quality wine in the world. Thus, it’s quite easy to see how a faulty electrical system could wreak havoc on a winery and cause quite literally tens of thousands of dollars in losses and damages.

That’s why we make sure we’ve got staff standing by at all times of the day and night to care for the emergency needs of all our clients. So, when you need us – we’ll be there.

Why RJ Electrical?

We’ve been providing high quality electrical services to residents of the Maitland area since 1982. These many years of experience have granted us knowledge that we continue to build on with every new project and client. This experience and dedication to furthering our expertise has made us one of the leading electrical service providers in the region.

Call your friendly electricians anytime of the day

Whether you’re seeking a long term partner to perform regular maintenance and service on your winery or in desperate need of emergency assistance, we hope RJ Electrical will come to mind. Give us a call to receive a free on-site evaluation and quote today.

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