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Strata Electrical Services

There’s a certain complexity involved in strata electrical installations. In some aspects, it is different from residential and commercial ones, which many electrical firms fail to identify. RJ Electrical is a specialist in this field, and this expertise has already reached quite a number of buildings in Maitland City.

Reliable electrical services

Our long years of being in the strata electrical installation services have let us understand that installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wirings in high-rise buildings require extra expertise. Given that there are more residents and people that occupy these structures on a daily basis, health and safety are very important. Add to it the fact that, oftentimes, these strata structures are a mix of residential and commercial, which makes it more difficult to manage.

We at RJ Electrical are capable of providing world-class strata electrical services both to new and old buildings, whatever their designs are, whatever electrical setup they have.

Our continuous partnership with many strata firms in the region is a testament that we are doing the right thing. Being the top electrical service provider for most high-rise structures in Maitland City proves that we are not only the most aggressive in the industry, but also the most trusted.

RJ Electrical strata electrical services include:

We specialise in finding solutions to various issues that concern the strata electrical industry by providing strata managers, corporate members, and even their in-house engineers with wider options, proposals, and comprehensive quotations that would help them identify their electrical costs.

Our work is characterised by tidy and organised electrical cabling, overall health & safety adherence, clearly priced & honest quotes and invoices, and world-class, experienced licensed electricians.

All our strata electrical services are available in and around the Lower Hunter Valley region, New South Wales, with Maitland City as the heart of our operations.

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