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Office Lighting

Our choice of office lighting is all about aesthetics, ambience, quality, and energy saving. Entrust this with us and you’ll never have to hire a different electrical service firm again.

Office lighting is one of our favourite tasks, as it allows our team of electricians and engineers to apply the interior design ideas from your plan and the latest fixtures available. Indeed, our tradesmen have an eye for lighting design;they have seen what works well and what doesn’t. They get a feel for how bright certain fixtures are and have seen them installed in office buildings so they will have a sense for what will work well in your office.

We aim to match what our clients want and what is possible within a reasonable budget. If there is a requirement for the office lighting to complement the interior design of the office layout and furnishings; give the job to the experts. And if you need simple fluoro batten or LED lighting, we can install that too. We are also happy to suggest ideas in the event that the client is not keen on matters interior décor and lightening. RJ Electrical is able to suggest the proper lighting that serves its function, according to the office type or design.

Office Lighting: Energy-Saving, Above All

RJ Electrical understands that every business wants to save money for greater profitability. We believe that it always starts with saving energy, which we do through our environmentally friendly and energy saving office lighting solutions.

Our energy saving solutions:

  • Light replacement (fluorescent, down light globe, shop front, high bay and factory lighting) with LED
  • Choosing the most trusted bulb brands that have true long lifetime and real warranties along with their energy saving capabilities
  • Existing circuit board and wiring check-up plus a live power usage monitoring device so that you can see when energy consumption spikes
  • Suggesting practical solutions such as proper air conditioning unit usage, climate control, replacement of outdated refrigerator models, replacing antiquated TV and computer monitors with better energy-saving models.

Would you like to know more about our services? Call RJ Electrical today for our office lighting solutions.

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