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RJ Electrical is licensed by Electricity Distributors of New South Wales to conduct energy metering installation, connection, and disconnection. We are also licensed inĀ setting up, replacing, and maintaining underground mains, overhead services, and private poles. Over the years, we have offered metering services to many residential and commercial establishments in the Hunter valley region.

Meter installation services:

  • Energy meters and CT installations and upgrade
  • Off peak solar panels metering installation
  • Time of Use electronics meters installation
  • Metering upgrade from single to 3rd phase metering system

Disconnection & reconnection services:

  • Overhead and underground mains disconnection & reconnection, repair, maintenance, and replacement
  • Consumer mains disconnection & reconnection, repair, maintenance, and replacement
  • Service fuses replacement and point of attachment transfer

Underground and overhead services:

  • Underground & overhead service cables connection, repair, and installation
  • Damaged cables repair and replacement
  • Conducting Repair notice

Single Phase to 3-Phase Upgrade Services:

  • Overhead service lines
  • Underground service lines/consumer mains
  • Metering

Private poles supply services:

  • Provisional private pole and power supply for construction firms
  • Temporary pole & switchboards installation and removal
  • Provisional metering system installation, connection, replacement, repair, and dismantling

RJ Electrical metering services have not only serviced homeowners but also established construction films. We have become their partners in setting up temporary metering, power installation, and lighting in their Construction sites.

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