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Maitland Electrical Services

No company can do a better job than RJ Electrical when it comes to providing you with prompt and efficient Maitland electrical services. As your friendly neighbourhood electrician, we are proud to say that we are just a call away and can assist anytime of the day.

Residential Electrical Services in Maitland

For years, RJ Electrical has been committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of Maitland homeowners and their families through our domestic electrical services.

Your Maitland electrician cannot emphasise enough the importance of safe and functional electrical connections at home. This is all the more important when you have small children, or when you have a home business whose operation depends on continuous power supply.

Being just a call away, RJ Electrical can make sure to resolve your electrical issues and minimise the hassle that comes with it.

No problems as of yet? Great! Make sure to call us for scheduled maintenance so we can keep things that way.

Check out our residential electrical page to know more about our specific services.

Commercial Electrical Services in Maitland

If you own a business that depend on continuous power supply, then it’s best that you have an electrician that you can call at any time.

RJ Electrical’s licensed electricians are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle your commercial electrical concerns in Maitland. We are professionals, and our knowledge of NSW electrical safety standards is key to the quality work we have been providing Maitland businesses.

So whether it’s repair, installation or maintenance, call RJ Electrical for consultation. Check out our commercial electrical page to know more about our specific services.

Industrial Electrical Services in Maitland

Many Maitland factories, warehouses, and other workplaces rely on electricity to ensure productivity. If you run one of these, you will need the help of professional and licensed electricians to take care of this aspect of the business.

Not dealing with electrical issues at the moment? Good! Electrical maintenance is one of the services we strongly recommend. Our scheduled maintenance service will help ensure that your wires and cables, lights, smoke alarms, switchboards, and other electrical equipment are functioning properly. This preventive measure can help you avoid electric-related workplace mishaps, and forestall bigger issues in the future which can be more costly.

Check out our industrial electrical page to know more about our specific services.

Why Choose RJ Electrical?

With RJ Electrical, you can expect that you are dealing with professional electricians. Our staff has decades of combined experience, and have been licensed and certified to handle electrical work.

It is also critical that you deal with a company that knows every detail of NSW safety regulations. With RJ Electrical, you can rest assured that our work are up to standards set forth by the NSW government.

For quality Maitland electrical services, remember the name RJ Electrical. We are always happy to answer all your questions, so call us to know more about our services.

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