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Cessnock Electrical Services

RJ Electrical is your no.1 option when looking to resolve electric problems in Cessnock. Being in the business for years, we have gained the trust of homeowners and business owners in NSW, particularly in the Hunter Valley region.

Below are just some of the services we offer to homes, offices, buildings, workplaces, and industrial zones in Cessnock.

Residential electrical services in Cessnock

As your friendly neighborhood electricians, RJ Electrical is just a call away to address your electrical problems promptly and efficiently. We are committed to promoting safe and convenient living in Cessnock. We do our part in your community by offering our experience and skills in electrical services such as:

  • Cabling, wiring or rewiring
  • Installation of electrical equipment
  • Periodic electrical maintenance
  • Electrical design

Why bother checking your wires and cables? Why invest on proper installation of electrical equipment? Here’s why: you want to prevent fire.

One of the consequences of improper electrical system at home is fire. Hence, it is important that every part of your electrical system is always functioning properly. This official NSW home fire safety page will give you an idea of how fire can be caused by electrical problems, among other causes.

Commercial electrical services in Cessnock

If you run a business that depends on constant power supply, then you know the importance of dealing with skilled technicians. RJ is an experienced electrical company that has handled hundreds of small and big jobs in Cessnock.

We offer commercial electrical services to buildings, offices, and establishments in the city of Cessnock. Unlike big electrical companies, our small firm offers more focused work and budget friendly services. So whether you are a small, medium, or large scale company, you can rest assured that our services are well at par with that of massive electrical firms that charge double.

Do our services comply with NSW standards? For sure!

NSW safety standards are some of the strictest in the country. As your licensed electricians, we make sure that our work abides by each and every rule laid down by the NSW government.

Find out more about our commercial electrical services. Browse our website for more details or call us for enquiries.

Industrial electrical services in Cessnock

Many Cessnock industries rely on electricity to make sure that machineries and equipment are working for the best. A single electric failure can cause a decrease in production, not to mention pose a risk to your workers. Do not wait until the problem becomes bigger and harder to resolve. You need a trusted electrical company like RJ Electrical to always be on-call and on stand-by.

What can we do for you? From testing and tagging, to installation and repair of lights and power, your technicians at RJ Electrical provide services that comply with NSW workplace safety standards.

All safe still? Good to hear! But you might want to take advantage of our maintenance package for periodic check-ups that will help ensure that all’s good all the time with your electrical system.

Know more about all the services offered by the RJ Electrical team. Our industrial electrical page has more details but feel free to call us for further enquiries.

Why choose RJ Electrical?

Consider experience, skills, and credentials when looking for the right electrical company in Cessnock. RJ Electrical boasts of familiarity, certificates and licenses required by the NSW government to perform high standards of electrical work.

Call your friendly Cessnock electricians anytime of the day.

RJ Electrical guarantees professional and timely work from start until completion.


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