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Branxton Electrical Services

The town of Branxton is one that presents many different electrical challenges. From rural properties to larger public structures, there are a wide range of electrical system types present in this area.

Here at RJ Electrical, we are well equipped and experienced enough to provide effective service for each type of electrical system. Here’s a brief overview of the electrical services we offer to the Branxton area.

Residential services

The prevalence of many older rural homes in the area of Branxton makes caring for the electrical needs of the residential properties in this area quite a challenge. Specific safety measures must be taken to ensure that each home meets or, preferably, surpasses all guidelines and regulations imposed by the Australian Writing Rules Standard.

One such service we provide is switchboard upgrading. Many older switchboards present health and safety risks due to the vast amount of appliances we have in our homes today, a number not anticipated when these switchboards were first introduced.

Commercial services

Here at RJ Electrical, we provide services that cater to the many commercial facilities located in the Branxton area, whether they be small restaurants and shops or larger motels.

One such service we provide is the installation of ceiling fans and smoke detectors, both appliances that play a huge role in ensuring the health and safety of a particular building.

Industrial services

In addition to serving the many residential and commercial properties here in Branxton, we at RJ Electrical serve the vehicle shops and other industrial facilities that keep the town running.

From network cabling to testing and tagging, we’ve got a wide range of industrial electrical services that ensure the efficient operation of any industrial facility.

Why choose RJ Electrical?

Whether you’re a business owner, resident or office manager in the Branxton area, we’ve got a service designed just for you. We’ve been providing top notch electrical service to our clients since 1982 and we hope to continue this trend with you. If you’re in need of electrical services and would like a free on-site evaluation from our company, give us a call. We’ll gladly stop by and provide you with a free quote.

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