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Bolwarra Heights Electrical Service

As a suburb of Maitland, Bolwarra Heights characteristically contains a large amount of residential properties, in addition to a few industrial and commercial ones.

Here at RJ Electrical, we provide a wide range of electrical services designed to fulfil the needs of the business owners and residents that inhabit these properties. Read on to learn more about our services in the area.

Residential services

According to the 2011 census, 2,499 people live in the suburb of Bolwarra Heights. That’s a lot of people and, by extension, a lot of homes. Here at RJ Electrical, we aim to provide electrical services that ensure the electrical systems of these homes are running efficiently. To name a few, our residential services include:

  • Smoke detector installation/inspection
  • Switchboard upgrades and maintenance
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Rewiring

Commercial services

Many residents in the Bolwarra Heights area rely on the commercial facilities located there for food and shopping. As such, we aim to provide services that keep these businesses’ electrical systems running efficiently and safely. Our commercial electrical services include:

  • Network cabling
  • Office lighting installation
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Switchboard maintenance and installation

Industrial electrical services in Cessnock

The mechanic shops and other industrial facilities located in the Bolwarra Heights region serve many residents of the area by ensuring their vehicles are running smoothly.

Here at RJ Electrical, we aim to do something similar for these industrial companies by ensuring that their electrical systems are running as efficiently and safely as possible. Here’s what we offer to our industrial clients:

  • Emergency light installation
  • Smoke detector testing
  • LED light installation
  • Switchboard maintenance and installation
  • Ceiling fan installation

Why RJ Electrical?

We’ve been providing electrical service to the Bolwarra Heights area and other surrounding regions since 1982. This has provided us with a deep understanding of the electrical infrastructure of the region, an understanding that allows us to continue our tradition of service and quality.

Call your friendly Bolwarra Heights electricians anytime of the day.

If you’re looking for electrical services in the Bolwarra Heights area, we hope you’ll consider our friendly, qualified and experienced electricians here at RJ Electrical. If you’d like a free on-site assessment and quote, give us a call today.

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