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LED Lighting Installation

When compared to many other energy-saving illumination methods, LED lighting undeniably comes out on top. Commonly referred to as ‘digital light,’ LED lighting presents the following benefits:

  • Long life
  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Ecological friendliness
  • Flexible design
  • Performance in hot or cold temperatures
  • Instant lighting
  • Low voltage
  • Cost efficiency

If these benefits interest you and you haven’t yet upgraded your property’s lighting to LED, read on to learn more about how RJ Electrical can assist you in accomplishing this.

Lighting – it’s what we do!

Clause of the AS3000 (a body of rules governing workmanship in the electrical industry) allows companies of our nature to perform installation and service on electrical devices classified as ‘lighting points.’

As such, lighting has been a staple of our company’s services since our inception in 1982.

Believe it or not, LEDs were around in consumer products even back then. That said, their popularity has increased dramatically in more recent years, due to their continued development and efficiency. We at RJ Electrical are hence proud to offer LED lighting as one of the many lighting services we provide.


If the many benefits and advantages of LED lighting that we’ve outlined on this page interest you, consider giving RJ Electrical a call. As you strive to increase the efficiency and ecological friendliness of your property, we’d like to be your side and provide you with our expertise in the electrical service industry. Give us a call for a free quote and on-site evaluation.

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