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Electrical Safety

Electrical systems here in Australia are heavily regulated to ensure safety and efficiency. Bodies and acts such as the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council and the Australian Standard for Wiring Rules provide strict guidelines that aim to ensure the electrical systems in our homes and offices function as they should, avoiding electrical fires or mishaps.

Here at RJ Electrical, we aim to provide electrical services that follow these strict guidelines. We also aim to educate our clients on how they can ensure the safety of their electrical system. Read on to discover some tips that will help you achieve this.


  • Have damaged electrical cables repaired or replaced as soon as possible
  • If you have children, ensure that your power points are tamper resistant
  • Avoid overloading outlets
  • Ensure the grounding prong of all appliance cords are intact before using them
  • Have cables tagged and tested as necessary
  • Have your home’s electrical system inspected by a professional regularly
  • Report any major electrical defects to a professional

While many of these are tips that you can implement on your own, many of them, such as testing and tagging, would benefit from the assistance of a qualified, professional electrical service company. That’s where RJ Electrical comes in!

How we can help

In addition to providing comprehensive electrical safety inspections, we also provide service regarding all electrical devices classified as ‘lighting points’ in Clause of the AS3000. This classification covers essentially all electrical devices, systems and appliances found in offices and homes, making us your one-stop-solution for all your electrical repair and inspection needs.

We hope this webpage has helped you gain a better understanding of what you can do to ensure the electrical safety of your property. We encourage you to implement these tips and contact us for further assistance. Our qualified electricians will be more than happy to assist you by providing an on-site assessment and quote for any work.

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