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Additional Power Points

In light of the increasing amount of gadgets available to consumers, it’s no wonder many property owners find themselves in need of more power points. While using power bars can assist to some degree, it gets a bit unsafe once you begin using more than one on any given socket.

To help reduce the risks involved in this, RJ Electrical provides comprehensive power point addition services. Read on to learn more.

Qualified professionals at your service

Not only is installing power points on your own illegal – it’s also incredibly dangerous. There’s a reason the procedures for completing such tasks are covered in the Australian Wiring Rules.

RJ Electrical is qualified under these regulations to provide power point addition services to residential, industrial and commercial clients.

This ensures the following of important steps such as making sure outlets are the correct distance from sinks and ensuring proper grounding and polarization, both steps that ensure the safety of those using the power points.

A quick job

Upgrading single electrical power points to triple our quadruple points is a simple, easy and quick task for our experienced electricians here at RJ Electrical. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take care to do it right.

Based on the information you provide us in the early stages of the job regarding the purpose of the new electrical point, our electricians select the correct type of box to correspond.

Interested? Give us a call

If you’re in need of additional electrical points on your property, give us a call. Our electrical experts will get the job done promptly, the right way. If you’d like a free quote and on-site assessment, that’s not a problem. We look forward to discussing the specifics of your power point installation job!

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