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About RJ Electrical

Here at RJ Electrical, we’ve been providing businesses and residents of the New South Wales area with electrical service for several years. We’ve got experience in providing top notch service for our clients, who have ranged from commercial and industrial properties to residential families and individuals.

Electrical services in Rutherford, Maitland and the Hunter Valley

We strive to provide the absolute best service for our clients in the New South Wales area, for whom we have experience in providing the following services:

A team of expert electricians

Here at RJ Electrical, we know how important it is to have the best electricians on our team. It’s part of what makes us one of the best electrical service providers in the New South Wales area. Our team of experts is unmatched and always well staffed and available to assist you with your electrical needs at any time of the day.

Providing electrical services to homes, businesses and industries

We’ve worked with several different types of clients over the years. The types of buildings we’ve worked with have typically ranged from industrial facilities such as factories and warehouses right down to small residential houses.

No matter what the job is, big or small, the electrical experts at RJ Electrical are committed and determined to provide the absolute best service to customers in the New South Wales area.

If you share our desire and aim for top quality electrical service, why not give us a call? We’ll provide you with a comprehensive assessment and no-obligation quote for our services regarding your electrical project.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you!

Servicing an office hot water heather kitchen urn

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